Weiss Lake Crappie Fishing Post-Spawn Blues

By Tim Pentecost | Lake Weiss Crappie Fishing Guide | posted May 8th, 2022

As the weather gets warmer and the spring spawn comes to an end a lot of anglers get the post spawn blues when it comes to crappie fishing. On Weiss Lake and Neely Henry BUT there's still some great fishing if you look in the right places. The days get longer and that large orange blob in the sky gets hotter but the crappie below the surface are still hungry. You can find them recovering from the stress of spawning on brush, stumps and under docks and of course there's always those late spawning crappie like I found Friday still in 15 foot of water. 

I caught several big white female crappie still full of eggs near some man made brush that was placed in the lake by Weiss Lake Improvement Association and Alabama Power several years ago

I was fishing with minnows and a slip bobber about 10 feet deep. I would cast pass the brush and very slowly work it back across the brush. The fish I would catch directly in or over the brush would be between 9 and 11 inches but the larger fish would be scattered close by not holding directly on the brush. This time of year I normally move around some. It seems the more active fish will bite quickly so if you have limited time to fish that day moving to different brush piles not spending to much time at each one will usually end with more fish in the livewell. If you have time of course you can wait them out!

Another great way to put fish in the boat especially after the sun gets high is flipping docks. Crappie are sensitive to the sun so they'll take advantage of the shade that most docks provide. I usually use a 1/24 oz. jig.

Fishing at night or if your an early riser like I prefer during the summer before daylight to beat the heat you can fish under lights near docks or you can have lights rigged to carry to your favorite spot. Lights attract bait fish and insects which attract crappie. 

Thank you for reading. I hope to see you out on Weiss Lake soon. Visit my website at lakeweissfishingguide.com and click on the About tab for more articles and information.. ~ Tim Pentecost | Pentecost Fishing

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