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In addition to being a full time professional crappie fishing guide on Weiss Lake, Tim Pentecost has also written several articles that provide a unique perspective on life as a professional angler and fishing guide on one of the most famous crappie lakes in the country. These articles are not your typical "pro angler" articles or fishing reports written to speak to a single minded demographic. Each article is thoughtful, informative, introspective, relational and most importantly about the joys of all things fishing! Do yourself a favor and read a few of Tim's articles and get to know the man behind "Pentecost Fishing - Lake Weiss Fishing Guide Service".

BaiBai Baits

By Tim Pentecost | Lake Weiss Crappie Fishing Guide | posted February 20th, 2023

I went out on a mission today to catch some Weiss Lake crappie with some special baits made by 14 year old Bailey Gregory (BaiBai Baits).

During the COVID quarantine Bailey fell in love with fishing and didn't like using live bait so she started tying jigs. Her story was on several major news channels. I was fortunate enough to receive an assortment of hand tied BaiBai Baits yesterday in the mail and I was anxious to be able to send her a report from Weiss Lake.

It was a freezing morning in Cherokee county Alabama but to me it was worth going even though I didn't have to. I caught a lot of crappie including a 2.16 slab with Bailey's hand tied jigs today. Watch out bait maker and jig tyers...Bailey and BaiBai Baits are the real deal!

Below is the story of how Bailey got started making jigs:

In 2020, during the pandemic we spent a lot of time at the lake. Bailey didn’t want to use live bait and she hates worms. One day while browsing the aisles at Bass Pro, she saw some jigs that caught her eye. She picked up several, studied them for a while, and said “I think I could make those!” Her Christmas list was a vise, buck tails, feathers, and flash. She started making jigs when she was 11 years old. She’s almost 14 now and has shipped her “BaiBai Baits” to 28 different states.

When you get a chance check out BaiBai Baits and support a young up and coming bait maker today!

Thank you for reading. I hope to see you out on Weiss Lake soon. Visit my website at lakeweissfishingguide.com and click on the About tab for more articles and information.. ~ Tim Pentecost | Pentecost Fishing 

Fishing Bama - Fall Patterns For Weiss Lake Crappie

Fall Patterns For Crappie On Weiss Lake

Read the latest article by Tim Pentecost on Fishingbama.com!
In this article Tim provides two proven crappie catching techniques during the fall months, specifically the months of October - December.

Anglers Unlimited Association

By Tim Pentecost | Lake Weiss Crappie Fishing Guide | posted July 5th, 2022

Anglers Unlimited is a 501c3 organization founded in 2006 by Jerry Culberson. Anglers Unlimited Association is a non- profit, fishing and conservation organization that was created to help improve our education, habitat, and populations of freshwater fish species. Since 2006 Anglers Unlimited has placed thousands of habitats in Neely Henry Lake, Weiss Lake and Logan Martin Lake.

100% of all membership dues and donations are used to improve fish habitats and provide opportunities for children to fish and learn about fresh water fish and their habitat needs.

On June 14 The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill H.R. 2773, the Recovering America's Wildlife Act. If passed into law if would provide $1.4 billion each year for a decade for states for species recovery and habitat.

Even if H.R. 2773 didn't make it through congress other funding comes available through grants. With that said Anglers Unlimited would like to try and find someone passionate about our mission that has experience with grant writing and could find available grants to help us with our mission and would be willing to volunteer some time. If this is you please contact Tim Pentecost at 256-630-5042.

In the coming month Anglers Unlimited will be repairing it's barge that is used to place habitats in the lake and we also look forward to working with Weiss Lake Improvement Association, Neely Henry Lake Association, Alabama Power Shoreline Management, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and our state biologists with their habitat projects. You can visit our website at anglersunlimited.org for more information. 

We will announce projects when the barge is finished with repairs and hope that many of you will get involved with Anglers Unlimited to help enhance the quality of our fisheries for future generations.

Thank you for reading. I hope to see you out on Weiss Lake soon. Visit my website at lakeweissfishingguide.com and click on the About tab for more articles and information.. ~ Tim Pentecost | Pentecost Fishing 

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